Episode 11 – Interview with Sunil Tulsiani

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Jenna: Today on the podcast I am so excited to have Sunil Tulsiani here today. He has been referred to by the media as The Wealthy Cop. He is a master real estate investor, renowned public speaker, award winning best selling author and he is also the founder of the Private Investment Club which is the largest most elite real estate club in Canada. Welcome to the podcast Sunil.

Sunil: Thank you Jenna. Thank you for having me. I appreciate you.

Jenna: Could you please tell our listeners how you became in involved in real estate?

Sunil: First of all I was brought up in a 200 square foot room in India when growing up. All five of us my parents and three children we were living in that room. That room was our bedroom, kitchen, living room, and then we would share the washroom with several other people. There was just one washroom that we shared. Then we ended up buying our own place where there was no running water, no toilet, no electricity and that is how we grew up. 

In 1981 we landed in Toronto, Canada. Then from 1981-1990 I was not a very good student. I just did not enjoy school very much. I was decent in mathematics but I did not speak English and I had to learn every thing from scratch in the 80’s till the 90’s. 

In 1990 I became a police officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. Then I went from a uniform officer to being a police detective, then I became a police negotiator then finally I became a platoon manager. During this time I got married and we have two children and my wife came to me one day about 13-14 years into our marriage and said that we are going to have a divorce. We fought a lot and almost had a divorce, she was ready to leave and I said to myself, “what is most important, my family or the profession?”

I use to tell everybody that my profession was not as important as my family. Family is number one. What I realized is that I was saying one thing but doing something the opposite. I was saying my family was important but I was not acting as such. So I did what most people perhaps would not have done I went to my boss and said “look I want to take a one year leave of absents, I want to take a one year unpaid leave of absents, I want to try something else out if it doesn’t work out I just want to have my job secured.” They all laughed and said it was a crazy idea no one even has the guts to ask for a year off. Anyways it went all the way up the ladder and back down and my boss basically brought me in and said that, he was upset that it got approved basically.

I took a one year leave of absents. 

I did not know what to do. I didn’t have a business background, I didn’t have a real estate background, I didn’t have marketing none of that stuff. I was working and that is what it was. Now I had to go hunt and find something. I basically studied and went to all the shows, money shows, vending machines shows, coffee shows, franchise shows, business shows and every where that you could think of money I went. I opened up the Toronto Sun and it said buy property, no money down. It was a two page spread by this guy name Robert G Allen. I didn’t know who he was, he is the original no money down guru from the United States. 

I looked at that, threw it away thinking it was a scam. Then the newspaper came back into my lap somehow and I opened it again and I invested $5000.00 and I went to that three day seminar with Robert G Allen people and that seminar changed my life completely. I realized that I liked real estate I like the fact that real estate can make you lots of money and all that. So that is how I got into real estate. 

Jenna: What an incredible story. I have heard your story a few times and every time I think about it differently and it is just amazing. Can you tell us also about your Private Investor Club that you started? 

Sunil: I wrote a goal that I Sumil Tulsiani would make $200,000.00 by the end of they year. For me to quit my job I needed to at least double my income. I was making about $100,000.00 after all the over time and everything like that working 14,15,16 hours a day. In order for me to quit I just needed to do that so I wrote it down. What ended up happening I fulfilled that goal within 3 months of starting so then I said to myself you know what? I always wanted to be a millionaire so why don’t I do this. I didn’t believe when I was doing it but I said well lets just do it I Sunil Tulsiani will make $1,000,000.00 by the end of the year. Signed it, dated it and put it all over my home in sixteen hand written sheets and I taped it all over the place in my home and the rest is basically history.

I was able to go on to Success Magazine, CP24, Television, Toronto Star and all the other media because in the first year I ended up buying and selling seventy seven properties making about $980,000.00. When I did that, I couldn’t believe that I could do that by the way but I just knew. 

Here is the lesson in that. The lesson in that is first of all in order for you to become rich and wealthy you need to have a very very strong why. For me it was basically if I don’t do this I am going to lose my family. That is is very strong “why”. Then I have to have a dead line. And what did I have, I had twelve months. If I don’t succeed I am going to go back to policing. If I go there the chances of me being with my family and my kids and all that stuff would be gone. So first is you need to have a strong why, secondly write what you want like your goal and third put a deadline to it which I did with out knowingly in those days automatically without thinking I did that.

When people ended up making lots of money with me, by the way I didn’t have millions of dollars to buy seventy seven properties, majority was done with no money down just like the course I took Nothing Down. So every body started coming to me saying you should teach people, no we should have a real estate club and Jenna what I said to them” What is a Real Estate Club? They said you know it’s a club where you go and meet and people net work and they someone teaches them how to make money. I said great who is going to teach them? They go you! And I will tell you for me all my life I was a shy guy. There was no way I could get up on the stage for thirty seconds and say even something. For me, all I wanted to do was go make money in real estate take care of my family. I didn’t want to do what I am doing today helping people become wealthy and all that stuff.

The birth of Private Investment Club started because people kept saying to me about fifteen years ago you should teach people how to do this cause you have done it and we want you to do it so we opened up a real estate club and today I have been blessed to have shared a stage with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Robin Sharma,Jack Canfield, Brian Tracey and Robert Allen, my friend Robert Allen not only that I have been able to do business with them, co author books with these people had done a whole lot of stuff. The Real Estate Club was started mainly by myself because I had gone to different real estate clubs in the Toronto area which is where I am from and I did not find what I was looking for. 

Most of the real estate clubs were selling a basic course, the advanced course, then highly advanced course but the intention was not to teach me how to make money and invest into the real estate it was basically selling the courses and I did not get the right people the trustworthy sources so I basically got fed up and a lot of people kept telling me to do it. I said it is not there so I am just going to do it myself. That is how the Private Real Estate Club, it is the largest, elite real estate club actually in North America. I am going to be taking this club globally so we have members across Canada, United States, Europe, Asia every where in the world we have members who become members because they realize that not only do they need to learn but they need to have access to good deals, they need to have access to joint investment partners, money and funding and they need to have guidance in how to do that. 

Jenna: That is so awesome. That is kind of how we got started in starting our club in Halifax. I enjoyed them and I wasn’t making it out to them so I figured if I start my own I am going to educate my self, connect with really great people and it’s just a really cool way to do it and that is a cool story. How are you coping through the COVID19 pandemic?

Sunil: You see the sexy story is in 2005-2008 I generated millions of dollars and then in 2009 I lost all the money because of what happened with real estate. Investors lost money, we lost millions of dollars and then in stead of being in Canada, the United States had the worst melt down since the depression. So I generated millions in the bad times in the United States during the 2009,10, 11, 12 and onwards and to do that we ended up buying and selling approximately 900 properties in the United States alone with myself and my members all that kind of stuff.  

The lesson was very simply this. The majority of the people during the bad times will lose money. Some people will make huge amount of money. So my goal has become now how do you join this small group of people who are going to make millions because they know what to do next, they have the education, they have the guidance, they have access to money they have access to the right people to be able to do that. The pandemic that is happening right now. You were at my last PIC meeting where you heard me say this and it is not a popular thing especially with real estate agents, mortgage brokers and most investors who put a lot of money in. I am predicting 25% crash in coming months and a lot of people point out the fact that but Sunil you don’t understand that right now we have been in this pandemic for more then three months and prices are basically the same. You see Canada is basically different from the world and we are just going to keep going up, and up, and up and we were up before the pandemic and then we are going to go flat then keep going up. That is how they see it. 

Just to make it very simple the entire government job on the planet is to generate or help out with generating jobs. That’s one. The second is the growth of the population. Third is the consumer confidence. Fourth is access to money. How easy is it to get mortgages and all that. The fifth is the fear factor. 

Lets talk about some of these things. Jobs, right now the government is throwing a lot of money giving $2000.00 to a lot of people and they are giving me as an employer they are giving me 75% subsidy. So if I pay somebody $20.00 an hour for me they are $5.00 an hour. And the government is giving me a subsidy in this big office that I have, by the way we closed the office and I am by myself here so they are paying 75% of my rent. They gave us $40,000.00 interest free loan in which I don’t have to return $10,000.00 back till December 2021. They are handing out money to people who don’t have jobs. Then they told us to stay home, where a mask and all that kind of stuff because of the corona virus. So the reason why you don’t see it, even though the sales have dropped and the prices haven’t dropped is because we are locked in, they are handing out money, there is nothing happening.  

Real estate is not like the stock market. Stock market is immediate emotional boom crash. Real estate is about six to nine months minimum delayed factor. So what you saw today in the news does not represent today. It represents what was. What is going to happen in the future is going to be based on what is happening right now. How am I coping with it? I just love it. I love it because if the market keeps going up. Lets say I am wrong and the market keeps going up I am still going to make money because that’s what we do. But if the market does not go up and we have a crash like we did in the United States and I made millions I know how to do that without taking advantage of people. 

We are going to buy ugly properties for at discounts across Canada and the idea here is people who are members of our club in different parts of the city and different parts of Canada and the United States and every where else, they become our people that I trained to find the deals and then they connect with investors. I have millionaires and multi millionaires friends and members in my club so then we partner up. 

This person who finds the deal does not have to put any money in and this person puts the money in and that is how we grow. Right now my expenses are low, my employees are very inexpensive, my office is very inexpensive and our cash flow is more then before. I just spoke to somebody a half hour before this interview and he is part of my high entry program and he is thinking of buying a property in Hamilton Ontario and we discussed the property, the evaluation the sold comps and all that stuff and I just told him don’t buy it. It is not a good time to buy it right now. Unless you find a deal that generates a huge amount of cash flow and when the market does crash you are just going to keep that property. Even if the rents go down when the market crashes that you can hold on to that property then you should be buying it.

Jenna: I am kind of with you on this train. I am kinda really excited and I think in some cases the worst is yet to come with the market and I feel like in Halifax we are a little bit different. I think it is going to play out a little bit different here but I think the bigger cities across Canada is going to be a little tricky and it’s going to be a little rough. Certainly.

Sunil: It’s going to be rough for people who do not know what they are doing and it will be a godsend for people who do know what they are doing. That’s what it is. I am predicting even in Halifax it’s not going to be the same as Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver or Calgary and all that but Halifax will also have an impact. 

When we don’t have jobs, we can’t pay. When we can’t pay then nothing happens. Then on top there is a consumer confidence issue meaning I don’t want to spend money any more. I want to save I want to hoard in case I need it tomorrow. So I don’t have a job, there is consumer confidence we have stopped the immigration in Canada even if we start the immigration several months down the road do I. If I live in Asia, China or Europe and I am a rich person and I am going to send my child to study in Toronto or Halifax, would I do that now immediately chances are not. Yes, it is going to be very tricky for some regular people but again the majority of people are going to lose money. Some people are going to make lots of money and that’s the point I wanted to make.

Jenna: Yes. I agree and that is kind of a perfect segway into the next question was can you tell us about your money mind set?

Sunil: My money mind set is very simply this. I actually had to develope that because with out that there is no way for you to become wealthy. If you have a mind set of $100.00 and you want to make $1000.00 you can’t. It’s not possible. It’s a thermostat. In my office right now my temperature is set 221/2 degrees it’s cool, it’s nice so I can be comfortable. Money set is already been set up by you, your family, your gurus and your religious leaders, news, media all that kinds of stuff from the past. Even before you were born it was already preset for you. So if you are preset to make $100,000.00 a year but you want to make a $1,000,000.00 a year a lot of people have been telling me all these years they have been trying to make that money and it just doesn’t come. Even if the money comes to them boom it goes away. 

There is two ways to do that. One is repetition. When you become an adult you surround yourself with wealthy people and on a consistent basis do what they do. For example if you don’t have a lot of money and you like a porsche for example have photos of porsche on your walls. Go to the dealership. Sit in it, drive it. Go to places that you can’t afford yet but you want to afford those kind of things. Now I am not just talking about materialistic it can be any where . If you are spiritual and you want to go to this yoga retreat with Dr. Deepak Chopra in California and you need you need $20,000.00 and right now you can’t afford it the idea is that you join his email list and you get a picture of him and put it up and then on day that is the repetition that is needed. 

The second is hypnosis. We rewire with hypnosis. I built my own hypnosis program, it says how to build millions. It’s open eye and close eye. An open eye means when I open my eyes in the morning I listen to it for twenty minutes and closed eyes mean just before I go to sleep I listen to it.   

Mindset is very, very, very simple and that is this. In order for me to make a $1,000.000.00, in order for me to make $1,000,000.00 I must give $2,000,000.00 or more in the use value so then I can never be greedy. 

Jenna: I love that. 

Sunil: In order for you to become rich you have to add value to the world. And if your goal is to give 100% rwhy to the world double the value, minimum doubling the value. Then what happens is even God if you believe in the universe or what ever it is would actually want you to grow because you are now doing his work his work. And the thing is you actually feel good. I have a goal of making 100 millionaires or multi millionaires and we have already had several people become I believe right now  sixteen people confirmed who became millionaire or mult millionaire. Talking about zero to millions, zero to 5 million, zero to ten million we are talking about that.

Then my mind set is this, I want you who had become wealthy to then do the Gods work to then go out and spread this financial freedom idea so then you are actually adding, I help make 100 millionaires and multi millionaires I want those 100 people to go out and help as many people. I know not all 100 people are going to do that but I want as may of those people to go out and spread and sprinkle this idea of financial freedom so that they can start changing the generations to come. 

Jenna: That is perfect. I also wanted to know how does one become wealthy in real estate?

Sumil: The solution of becoming wealthy in real estate is everybody starts with guidance or a guide or a teacher or a mentor. This is what I have done even in the police force. I was a mentor in the police force. I taught officers certain things, next of kin, statement taking, criminal investigating and all that kind of stuff.  

Just like in the police force you go there and you just don’t go to college and jump in and ok you are on your own. There is a coach officer assigned and above the coach officer his sergeant is there supervising the coach officer, the coach officer supervising the rookie and the rookie and coach officer are working together and basically that is a guide. You need a guide because if you are the smartest person in your circle then your growth would be very limited small because you aren’t a student any more you are basically the smartest person.

When you are going things in your business of course you have to be the leader but who do you go to for basically advice? Do you go to your friends who are poor or do you go to people who say oh this is not going to work out or do you go to people who are 10x more successful than you are and let them pull you up so that you can pull your team up as well on a consistent basis? So how you become wealthy is find a person who has done it and copy them which is absolutely 100% percent against the way you and I have been brought up which is if you go to school and you copy the smartest person in the room you are doing something wrong you would be thrown out. In the real world that is the only to grow safer and fastest way to do it. Guide, teacher, mentor how every you want to see it. 

The next thing is you have to lean the education. You have to have the education. I don’t care if you took our course or Jenna’s course(I am not sure if you have it) or some body elses whatever but education is a must. You need to know basically how this system works, how to do a due diligence how to evaluate a performa and what to look for when buying a property whether you are buying a single family, 4plex, 10plex, or 100 units you need the education. So we have the guidance, you have the education.

The third point is you have to find a way to source properties. The sourcing of property you may be a good negotiator so you source it yourself after you have the education you source the properties or you have partners who go out and source the properties for you and when they bring the properties to you you give them some money for bringing the properties to you. Finding the properties is very, very important. At our level of membership we have inside sources of finding good deals that is generally not available to the public. The insider trading is absolutely legal in the world of real estate. Jenna: Right. Sumil: So you need to be on “inside” if you want a good deal.

Next one you obviously need to be able to fund the deal. If you have some money and you are buying properties on your own great. Eventually you are going to run out of money and run out of credit. Those are two things. So how do you do that you invite venture partners, private investors like members of our club and then basically they lend you or give you the money and you go find the deal and now you can split 50-50 of the profits. That is mainly how I was able to do the 77 properties the first year. Then over the years 1000’s of properties we were able to do is basically you find some body who has the money who doesn’t have the time and they know what they are doing and they are looking for trustworthy sources. If you are a member of my club and I have people with money and you have access to deals chances of you getting access to those people with money is probably zero but if you are a part of the inner circle you would able to build relationships to do that stuff. So you have which is to get access to fund money to venture partners, that is how you grow to massive levels. 

The last but not least is to find a centre of influence. This is one technique that completely changed my life. A centre of influence is a person who that could  change your life completely. In fact that one centre of influence alone can change your life. I use to go network at the real estate clubs and tradings and all that stuff but accidentally I networked with a centre influence and that one person generated 100,000.00-$200,000.00 because he knew, he had the roledex, he knew who to call and all that stuff and boom because I convinced that one person who convinced his clients to work with me.

The one centre of influence can change your life completely and that is how you become wealthy and all that stuff. Of course you should join inner circles and the masterminds as this is where all the good stuff behind the scenes, the insider stuff happens. 

Jenna: That is perfect. I love that. I really haven’t heard anyone say that about the centre of influence but that makes a lot of sense as well. Sumil. Yes. That is how I grew by the way. I then got one centre of influence then a second. At first I swore to myself that I am going to find all the people that have changed my life by their books things like that. Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield all those people. I said one day I am going to work with them.  

I use to watch the tv show Shark Tank a lot and one day I met Kevin Harrington in one of the meetings in Florida. Kevin Harrington was bombarded he is a billionaire investor, he was bombarded with every body and I looked at him and he didn’t know who I was and didn’t care, I don’t mean didn’t care there was just too many people. I looked at him from my point of view and said one day I will be doing business with this guy. Today from a centre of influence point of view I have done business with Kevin Harrington, I have done business with Brian Tracey. I have done business with Jack Canfield and I have done business with my mentor Robert Allen and now I am going to be doing business with Grant Cardone bringing Kevin Hart, Dr Deepak Chopra. Why am I doing that because as I grow my influence and spirit of influence grows and access grows. As I grow the members who are a part of my club, I become more valuable to them then if I did not grow. So in order for you to grow you need to grow so you can have people who look up to you for them to grow. You can’t give if you don’t have. 

Jenna: That’s right. I know that is so powerful and I love all of the people that you have mentioned. They are so impactful in the space. That is so awesome and exciting.  

Sunil: The fact of the point is that Jack Canfield is a member of my club. Brian Tracey is a member of my club, billionaire investor Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank he is a member of my club. Just imagine this. I have one of my members who is thinking of raising money for our convention. Just imagine if I personally introduced the two of them here with their properties and all that stuff. That could take for some people all their lives or we can make it happen now. This is where real things happen, relationships.

Jenna: That is really powerful. You have mentioned one of the people that I really look up to who is a mentor is Robin Sharma. He is from the Dartmouth area and I am going to meet him someday and hopefully have him as a guest on the podcast. Sumil: Well you know, I said the same thing eight years ago when I read his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Then last year I did a speaking tour with Robin Sharma in Europe. It was just amazing. Then we flew in a small plane from Lithuania to Rga and I got a selfie sitting right beside him talking to him and just conversing with him and then he said to me “Sunil I just have a question. Where is the real estate market going anyways?” It was unbelievable. Jenna: You are killing me right now. Laughing. Sunil: Unbelievable. The point here is this, when you meet your hero or your centre of influences you take away a little bit of them with you and they stay with you for the rest of your life.

Jenna: Yea. That is beautiful. That is what it is all about. I think that is why we do what we do put stuff out there and that is a beautiful reward to connect with people like that. I think the thing about Robin Sharma is just his passion for helping people all over the world and touching people with his books so that is incredible. What an an experience. That is awesome. 

Sunil: He inspired me to have my own Five AM Club. I went to his events. All my life I wanted to get up early but I didn’t. I went to his event and then I started to get up at 5, he has his own ritual and I added my own rituals of getting up at 5 AM and now today I would say over one hundred people I inspired to be in the 5AM club and the rituals that I do when you get up at 5am what do you do which are slightly different then what he does but the point here is he is the one who inspired me to do that and then I wrote a book called Secret to Wealth,Volume 2 with Brian Tracy where I go into detail about 5AM Club. Jenna, I am going to tell you something. In the last four years, at least four years, if somebody asked me what is one thing that you did that generated millions? It was getting up the 5AM Club and then looking after myself, doing the rituals that I talked about in that book. Not learning, not networking all of those options added no question but it was the fact how do I become so powerful and creative so that my clients also take advantage of these problem solving issues. 

I mentor millionaires and multi millionaires and they all have issues to solve so how do I help them solve those problems? One of the ways that I do that is getting up at 5 and spending the time most important person on the planet which is me for me, you for you. 

Jenna: Exactly. Yes. That is a powerful concept and I have the book as well. I had interviewed Mike Burgess who is a member of the pick club and he talks about the 5AM Club. Sumil: Yes and in fact he, Mike finally did join the 5AM Club there is a concept and recent signs that if you do things for sixty six days in a row it becomes a habit so Mike just finished his sixty six days I think maybe two or three weeks ago and he is part of my mentor program. He is an amazing guy and a real estate investor. He shows up at my meetings and masterminds in Toronto a lot of times. He shows up to Ottawa and all that kind of stuff. It is life changing. Secret To Wealth, Volume 2 if you want that just go onto Amazon or send an email to admin@privateinvestmentclub.com. We have a special offer for that as well.

Jenna: Mike is another local mentor of mine. He is just a wealth of knowledge. What a great guy, Hi Mike I am sure Mike will see this. We just love him here in Halifax. He is so warm and welcoming to all the new investors and he is a seasoned investor but always willing to learn and listen to people and share. He is just wonderful. The other question that I wanted to ask you, we kind of touched on it a little bit but what legacy do you want to leave personally?

Sunil: For me there is a concept, you and me were talking about it just before you hit the record button. There is a concept called plerking. Plerking has become something that it has caught on fire like wild fire. You take the word play and you take the word work and you combine it and it’s called plerk. What that means is I meet a lot of people who work hard and they think that is the way to make money and that is the way we have been taught. If you want to make an extra $50.00 you work an extra hour or two and the more hours that you work the more money you make. I can see that from how we were brought up and it kind of makes sense from a mathematical point of view but in reality there is no concept between if I work ten hours and I am going to make this much money or if I work eleven hours I am going to make more money. There are people who work for half an hour and make ten times more than somebody who can make in ten hours. The point here is, it’s not about the time its the impact the value creation that is the important part. So when I use to say to people I am playing the assumption was he is playing he is having fun, the assumption was he isn’t making money. So I had to come up with this word called plerk meaning I am playing and having fun and making money at the same time. 

My legacy is very simple. First of all I am going to start with the hundred M

Millionaires and multi millionaires and when I am done with that obviously I am going to upgrade my goal to get more people into this concept. What I wold like to do is leave a legacy not only for me and my family and my kids which is I want to change generations to come financially. I want to share the idea that money is not bad, money is great. It can be bad, it can be great you get to pick why you want to use it. It’s just a resource it is only resource to get what you want. Do you want to send your kids to a private school, do you want to go on a vacation, do you want to become a member of my club, do you want go to some mastermind, do you want to fly somewhere, do you want to eat a certain food? All of that in today’s modern society requires money. That is just the way it is. Almost like ten thousand years ago when we use to hunt. Today we are hunting basically instead of bringing in the meat together and every body is bringing in the same meat instead of that you just bring in big pieces of paper or numbers on a sheet. So my legacy is this I want people to plerk. What that means is I want never for people to worry money. I don’t want them to go to a restaurant and look at the menu and the only decision is made on the right side of the menu which is how much is it in stead of what do I want to eat today. Instead of going to a certain restaurant the first thought would be it is too expensive. Or I can’t send my kids to this school or they can’t where this kind of clothes or I can’t do this. Or I can not do this the biggest virus on the planet for entrepreneurs is I can’t afford it. The biggest virus on the planet to any country is I can not afford it. I can’t afford it has been downloaded to us by our ancestors, our great grandfathers, our parents, media and all that stuff. I can’t afford it. Save the money, I can’t afford it. I want that taken out or at least reduced dramatically on the planet. When people tell me money is not important I see people on the street sleeping homeless then I see people eat stuff that they should not be eating or they don’t go to a certain type of place because they can’t afford it or because they think they can’t afford it. 

The whole point here is if I help change even a thousand people or even ten thousand people on the planet and they go out and change the world that would really, really, really make me feel good. I will tell you why, because I have already been, when people come to me in the mall, at the airport all that stuff and they stop me and say you changed my life. They sound so corny but the truth is when they say that it feels so good. Like what do you mean I changed your life? I use to think that is not me that is other people can do that. I change people’s lives, what do you mean I change people’s lives? I want to be able to change peoples lives, I want to see smiles on peoples faces and I want to see couples work together. A lot of times people say money is not important then we have 60% divorce rate. Of course there are some divorce that should happen but a lot of divorce happens because of money. I want people to start liking the fact that if you help the world and you make money there is nothing wrong with that. In fact you are selfish if you don’t become wealthy. 

Jenna: Yes, you can help a lot of people with a little bit of money and kind of spread that joy and it can be kind of a free flowing energy. Sunil: Yes. But in my concept though in order for you to get the money in the first place you have already given it back. You see what I mean. If I want to make a million dollars that means that I have given two million dollars of worth of value to the world. Which means, forget about what I am going to do with my million dollars am I going to donate. Like last year we went to India and we did 150 eye surgeries. We were the financiers of that. I just want you to know that I personally went to that camp and personally met these people and the stories they tell you. They are poor. They are pre test, they are pre medication during surgery post all paid by us in order to be able to do that. Just to be able to see them able to see it changed those 150 peoples lives. Jenna: Incredible. Wow. Sunil: That’s after I made money. What I am suggesting to you is you go out and generate value now and when you with the concept of I need to give double the value now in order to get it in dollars that is a powerful notion. That’s amazing. Every day, but I am in the 4 AM Club every day I write my notes. I write down my goal. And in my goal I talk about the double value and I talk about what am I grateful for. I talk about what I am going to enjoy today and I do that every day in the morning. Every day. 

What am I grateful for, the air, my wife, my kids. By the way I retired my parents who, my father worked his all of his life in a factory. I retired him financially free. He is not rich but he is absolutely financially free. He never has to worry about money. 

Just seeing him and seeing the color on his face and the energy on my mom and dad. All their lives they were worried about money. That changed and now I go see them, they say money doesn’t bring happiness, their happier. The fact that they don’t have to worry about money, they don’t even think about it any more. 

Jenna: Yes, the worry about money ages people and that is such a beautiful, beautiful thing to enjoy their golden years. What a gift. That is beautiful. Sumil: Thank you. I want you to do that. You are changing peoples lives and I want you to help people like that with the mentality of how do I double the value. The way you do that is you first become the most powerful person. The most powerful person you can and make as much money as you can and have as much power or influence or connections as you can because as you grow your value in the market of attracting deals and attracting investors and attracting experts and all that will also increase and a number of people will be more people attracted to do as it is. As you do this, it use to be, my parents taught me if I was going to make too much money in their mind and they define in their mine what too much is then I am greedy. But what I am saying to you is that you need to make so much money by giving double the value and when you do that you become so much more valuable to the world.  

Jenna: Yes, I think when you look at it like that for a lot of people because I think when we had our thirty minute chat it kind of opened my eyes. A lot of women in particularly I have a good money mind set but there is a part of me feels like if you say you want to make millions it just feels greedy. It does. So there is some work to do there and to just open it up. Sunil: Just listen to the hypnosis program that I have. It will change your life. It’s just rewriting the script for you. Jenna: And the “why” behind it to help people. That is very impactful. You can’t help people if you can’t afford to buy food yourself. That is kind of what it boils down to. So that is really awesome. Sunil: Thank you. You know Signs of Getting Rich of course we rewrote that book and it is coming out and thank you for buying fifty copies of Signs of Getting Rich and you have also been featured in as a source of Signs Of Getting Rich and that was published in 1910, 110 years ago.  

In there he talks about giving more value for you to become rich and he says something like you can’t help the poor by you being poor. Jenna: That’s true right. What are you going to give some body like the shirt of your back then what, you will freeze? Sunil: OK so you gave your shirt off, now you don’t have a shirt. The second person needs a shirt, what do you do? You can’t help. Jenna: It makes a lot of sense very basic but that is what it is. Sunil. I am plerking on the planet and I feel great. I want people to feel the energy. I want people to go do what they want to have. They can not dream what they want to have only they need to dream and do what they want to have. And what I find is. The chinese proverb is if you want to go east don’t go west. What I find is most people tell me I want to be a millionaire, I tell them here is the map, this is how you do it and they tell me hmm I will do it some day. That is the biggest problem we have procrastination. I will do it some day. My friend Brian Tracy says people go to someday island and they go to this someday island and they meet other someday islanders and they all talk and share stories on how great it was for them to not follow their dreams. All opportunities comes when you are not ready. All opportunities come when you are not ready. I want you to know that and every thing that you will do to grow will be uncomfortable. It will be scary. It will be tough sometimes but when you do it that will become part of your comfort zone. You have heard some of these things before. You have heard that you should take action immediately. I have a saying that you should take action yesterday. It means if you didn’t take action yesterday this is the moment is the way to do it. I have met people who have taken the same courses I have taken, have spent more money then I have spent and they meet me five years later, eight years later, ten years later and they really haven’t done anything with it. I really want people to do something about it. And it is worth it. It is worth being rich and wealthy. It’s worth having the time to do whatever you want. It’s worth having to change peoples lives and it is worth helping our fellow humans. It is just amazing.

Jenna: I am not some body who has that issue cause I always take action and I say yes and I figure it out later. Like when on you webinar buy 50 books like sure I will do that. Next thing you know I am in the webinar with the camera on myself and I am like oh my goodness. I like to operate that way. Not everybody does and I am definetly an entrapeneur and that is exciting and a fun way to do it but you are right. Sumil: I want you to come to the next meeting which is on July 9 and you will probably get an email and any body who is listening to us July 9, I think we start at 12:30 pm till 4pm. It is a private investment club meeting and if you are a real estate investor, a real estate agent a mortgage broker or anything to do with real estate and you want to find out in detail what is happening, what is coming soon how to make money in real estate it’s the place for you to be. All they have to do is send an email to admin@privateinvestmentclub.com and just say hey give us more information about it and we will send you a free link to join us.

Jenna: I highly recommend it. It was an excellent webinar. It was very good. I like to ask all of my people who come on the podcast, where is your happy place?

Sunil: You know my happy place is when I am sitting with my children. My son today because I lost him almost 15 years ago. Today my son is 25 years old and my daughter is 19 years old.  So 15 years ago my son would have been 9 and my daughter about 4 something like that and today she is 19 and he is 25. My wife. We are married for 27 years we have two beautiful children, our parents are happy so when I meet my friends, my family and not worry about can I afford this or can I don’t do this. When my wife says to me we need to get a maid because I hate cleaning toilets and our home is so big that I love the home but I don’t want to be doing this or that. We don’t say to ourselves oh this is too expensive oh sorry or all that stuff. Just to see a smile on her face that I become the hero to say let me do that. Let me fix that for you.

 My parents, they wanted to go to a religious trip to India for a long long time and for me to come and say here I planned every thing for you, here is where you are going to go, here is where you are going to stay. I already have the tickets for you, I got the car for you and everything is done and Happy Birthday Dad here you go. In the past even though I wanted to do that I probably would not have done it. To be able to do that it is my happy place.

The other day I had a couple come to me they are a member and the wife says to me look we are so happy being married and now we have 2 children and they are young children and now husband and wife after 5 or 6 years of marriage, every day that they woke up in the morning they were fighting with each other, they were fighting with the kids. They take the kids throw them in to the car, take them to the daycare or something, throw them into the daycare basically come back to their job. They both go to work, they both come back pick up the kids again and in the evening they are fighting again and that was the way that they were living. I said what can I do for you? The wife said to me I want to be with my kids. They are young and I want to be with them. I don’t want the stress. I want to be stay at home mom for at least a few more years.  I said what would that take. And she said you know what, after I pay all these bills and stuff I basically need $2000.00 a month and that would change my life. Not $1,000,000.00 just $2000.00 a month. Six or nine months later we helped them buy properties that brought in $2000.00 a month and they both came into the office and they were sitting across from me and I said so how do you feel, what is going on? She goes my relationship with my husband is amazing, my kids love me and I love my kids. When my husband comes home we are in a better mood. He takes me out for dinner now. On the weekends we do things together. We have more quality time then she started to cry and she said you changed my life. 

If she hadn’t told me that story I thought ok $2000.00 it’s ok but to her she did not want millions of dollars she wanted to stay with her children until they were teenagers or college or whatever and then she could go back to work. That is what she wanted but she wanted one thing but she could not do it. So my happy place is when some body comes to me like that and says that I don’t even know how to describe that. Even if I made a $100,000.00 profit on a property even that does not compare to that. Jenna: That feeling. Sunil: So that is where it is. 

Jenna: Very cool, I love it. Great answer. Sumil: Thank you. Jenna: Where can our listeners go to learn more? 

Sunil: First I would say go to admin@ privateinvestmentclub.com and I would suggest you come to the next event July 9th, it is open to members and nonmembers and if you are interested in real estate, where the market is going come and spend some time with me. We call it a webinar but it is actually a live event. You see that I do it a little differently. I actually do it like I am doing a live event on stage with the proper stuff. It is very engaging and informative as well as inspirational but also what do we do next? What do we do? So come to that event. 

The next thing I want to do is actually give a gift. It is an audio book. It’s called The Success Secret. When people are listening to this it’s probably a podcast so you may not be seeing this I am not too sure. Jenna: We will do both but a lot of people will hear it on the podcast audio.  Sunil: If you are listening to the podcast the audio book with Jack Canfield is called The Success Secret and this is where I talk about how I buy and sell 77 properties the first year and I want to gift this to your listeners.  the subject line and just say I would like to get audio book with Sunil and Jack or something like that. I am going to give this to every body who does that cause it is my gift. Again I talk about giving double the value. This is what I keep thinking about how do I give so much value to people and that is what it is. There is a book and again if you are listening to the podcast, the book is called Achieve with my good friend Robert Allen and this is the value that changed my life from a real estate point of view and in this book I talk about how I raised money. How did I raise money? You can just go to Amazon and you can buy this book as well. And last but not least you know how life changing one on one lessons. Today I charge $5000.00 for an hour for consulting with my clients and I would like to give away thirty minutes of consulting one on one with me personally and this is basically where you say I am here and I want to get from place A to place B and I will formulate a plan to how to get to that place to mentor you to help you and coach you. So it is one person will win it and all I want you to do is I want you to put into the subject line when you send an email to admin@privateinvestmentclub.com put in the subject line I want to win mentoring session with Sunil and then my staff is going to send you some questions and then we will select one person. I hope that helps.

Jenna: Yes, that is so great. That is really worth winning so every body make sure you send your email in and see if you can get that private consultation because it is very eye opening. You will certainly enjoy it. 

Sunil: Thank you and also make sure to get that audio book as well. And there you just basically have to send an email saying you want to get that and we will give it to you as one of our gifts. 

Jenna: Fantastic. Well thank you so much for coming on the podcast Sunil. It definitly was a pleasure speaking with you.

Sunil: Thank you Jenna.

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