Investing Consultation

Have you been looking at the Halifax area and thinking there was an opportunity for growth in real estate opportunities?  There is!

Since starting in the industry we have been seeing a continued growth in the rental sector.  It is a simple matter of supply and demand.  In order to meet the demand of the market, we need more supply.

In order to increase the supply we have expanded our services to include investment consulting.

There is a “Meetup” every month of likeminded individuals who are looking for new opportunities.  This includes a different topic and speakers every month that might interest you.

Please contact me to discuss the opportunities waiting for you!

Renovation Project

Let us Help you Increase your monthly Rental Income & Property Value

Contact us to manage the renovation of your property.

Whether it be a new kitchen or an additional bathroom your home is needing or a complete cosmetic facelift.
We can help!

We can save you money by sourcing out the best price for inventory to match your budget, we receive volume discounts at many local suppliers and will pass on the savings to you.

Fee for this service is 10% of the total project budget & includes:

  • Providing multiple estimates up to 3 suppliers for you to chose from.
  • Coordinating the payment of the vendors.
  • Assisting with picking flooring, paint and fixtures as needing.
  • Taking Before and After Photos for you and inspecting the work as the project.
  • Ensuring that the project timeline is as tight as possible to make the vacancy during the project as short as possible.