About Us

Meet The Team

Jenna Ross – Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Jenna started this corporation with a passion for serving people & a love for Real Estate!

Her first experience with property management was as a Real Estate Investor, she managed and continues to manage investment homes purchased with her husband Greg.
She has an interesting background with a Bachelor of Art’s in Psychology and a 14 year career as a Business Intelligence Analyst.

She has discovered enjoyment in connecting tenants with their “Happy Place” to live and also managing homes for fellow Real Estate Investors.

Jenna believes that a “Happy Place” is one that has someone living in it, caring for it & making it a “Home”.

Vickey Bullen – Manager

Vickey is the Manager of Happy Place Property Management.
She is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly.  She runs weekly team meetings and is constantly looking for improvements to make our business run smoother.
She has a medical records background and like to keeps things organized and on track.
She is a “people” person, with a lot of life experience to share.
She knows how to have fun too!

Amanda King – Leasing Agent

Amanda is an experienced Leasing Agent with a wonderful personality.  She is an excellent communicator with both tenants and clients and she has a sense of efficiency in dealing with property management tasks.

Rebecca Aulenback – Maintenance Manager

Rebecca coordinates repairs on all of our properties.  She is responsive, she knows her ‘stuff’ and she likes fixing things!  Rebecca has been an asset to our team.

Tenants are set with the expectations to submit a repair request, so that property maintenance can be handled efficiently and be kept organized.  When a repair request comes in through the form Rebecca responds to it.

Rebecca has her own maintenance company, so occasionally she will be the person repairing your home personally.  She does excellent work.

Tenants and property owners enjoy working with Rebecca.


We are obsessed with finding solutions to your property management needs!

Together we share a dream of permanently improving the neighbourhoods around us by helping “happy people” find “happy places” to live in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

If you are wanting to know more about what we do & our unique philosophy around property management,  we encourage you to book a time with us to discuss.