About Us

Meet The Team

Jenna Ross – Founder & Property Manager

Jenna started this corporation with a passion for serving people & a love for Real Estate!

She has an interesting background with a Bachelor of Art’s in Psychology and a 14 year career as a Business Intelligence Analyst.

Jenna’s first experience with property management was as a Real Estate Investor, she managed and continues to manage investment homes purchased with her husband Greg.
She has discovered enjoyment in connecting tenants with their “Happy Place” to live and also managing homes for fellow Real Estate Investors.

Jenna believes that a “Happy Place/House” is one that has someone living in it, caring for it & making it a “Home”.


Melissa Mancini Burbridge – Business Development Manager & Leasing Agent

Melissa comes from a Nursing background, which gives her a unique perspective on service, taking care of people & understanding tenant & property owner needs.

She has a wonderful personality.  You will likely get a chance to meet her while she is out showing houses, during property inspections and at meetings for new properties.

She also brings keen interest in networking, social media, blogging and exploring Nova Scotia.

Melissa is excellent in helping to identify maintenance issues with the properties under our care, so that our team can make sure that our homes are maintained to their best possible standard.


Jen Vey – Operations Management Consultant


Jen is the “brain” behind the scenes, thinking about the business and helping to improve our business processes.

She brings great ideas and organization to the business.  Jen’s continuously contemplating how to do things better and more efficiently.


Vickey Bullen – Administrative Assistant

Vickey is an asset to our team.   She has a medical records background and like to keeps things organized and on track.
She is a “people” person, with a lot of life experience to share.  She knows how to have fun too!


We are obsessed with finding solutions to your property management needs!

Together we share a dream of permanently improving the neighbourhoods around us by helping “happy people” find “happy places” to live in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

If you are wanting to know more about what we do & our unique philosophy around property management,  we encourage you to book a time with us to discuss.