What Do Property Managers Do?

DO YOU KNOW… What Property Managers Do?  For the Tenants: We connect people with rental homes to live in. We prepare the lease and uphold standards set by NS Residential Tenancies. Quite often if you rent a home that is professionally managed, you will find that the home is better maintained. Property Managers have a […]

2020 is Going to be Another EXCITING Year to Live in Halifax!

2020 is Going to be Another EXCITING Year to Live in Halifax! The city of Halifax is booming and continuing to welcome an influx of people from all over the world and other Canadian provinces. Newcomers are choosing to live in Halifax because of the job opportunities, universities, schools, the beautiful ocean and the lake-side communities. […]

Why you need a (the RIGHT) Property Manager!

Are you thinking of investing in an income property ? Thinking it’s an easy way to make money.Have you done any research to make sure everything that is involved? Maybe you just want a new hobby or love real estate and helping others. No matter what the reason is you may want to consider a […]

9 Things to Avoid When Flipping a House

Have you ever thought that it would be a great investment to purchase a house that needs a little help, give it some TLC, and sell it?  Great idea in theory, but if you are new to this process, you will need to know all the people who make it a success, and what to […]

Military Relocation

Military Relocation Away If your family is being posted away with the Military consider booking a consultation to see if renting your home out is the best solution for your family. Military Relocation to Halifax: If you are are being relocated to the Halifax area check out the properties that we have for rent. I […]

Current Trends in Renting in Halifax

Here are some recent trends that I am currently seeing in renting in the Halifax area. #1. There has been an increase in requests for short term rental homes (4-6 month period) while new homes are being built. #2. Many of the homes who were long term rental properties in the past have now become […]

How is Happy Place Property Management Different?

How is Happy Place Property Management Different from other Property Management Companies? #1.  We specialize in single family homes verses apartment buildings #2.  The majority of our homes are pet friendly. #3.  We offer very personal service to our both our tenants and owners.  We are growing at a manageable pace and that allows us to […]

Competing for a Home to Rent!

Springtime is an especially busy time of year to rent a home! This particular year it seems that our mild temperatures have brought people out planning their moves even sooner than last year. Many people relocate for work in the spring/early summer and people generally feel like moving in the spring rather than the winter. The […]

Preparing to search for a new place to Rent!

1). Get organized. Have your landlord information, past rental information (if applicable). 2).  Know your budget. That is a good bench mark to help you budget what you can afford is that rent should not exceed more than 1/3 of your monthly income (if utilities are not included). If you are currently renting you likely have a […]

How a Property Manager Can Help!

1.) We can connect you with your ideal tenant: We are well networked and have access to lots of tenants who contact us looking for a specific property. 2.) Advertising your Home Advertising your home is really important! Great photos & a well written ad are key. Blast it out there: We use our website, […]