What Do Property Managers Do?

DO YOU KNOW… What Property Managers Do?

 For the Tenants:

We connect people with rental homes to live in.

We prepare the lease and uphold standards set by NS Residential Tenancies.

Quite often if you rent a home that is professionally managed, you will find that the home is better maintained.

Property Managers have a full time job of taking care of the properties and can efficiently scheduled required maintenance on the home.

We care that the home you live in is as “happy” as possible!

For Real Estate Investors /Landlords:

We make sure that your real estate investment is profitable, well managed, well maintained and cared for.

Property Managers have amazing systems and processes to select the BEST tenants for your home.

We aim to keep our properties vacancy rates at 0%.

We communicate with the tenants and will sometimes act as a mediator to resolve any problems that arise.

Property Managers can also be a great resource to rely on. To let you know what rental price to charge for your home.

We know the Halifax Rental Market really well.

We love Real Estate Investing in Halifax and can connect you with the best Power Team of professionals and trades people.

Because we are working with properties constantly and exposed to rental properties. We can keep our eyes out for real estate investment deals so that you can grow your portfolio. 


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