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Episode 47 -Public Speaking and Goals with Sarah Kinlin

What would it be like to live for today and not in the future?
In this week’s episode special guest Sarah Kinlin shares how having proper goals can help you plan out the way you want to live.
She also shares her goals, how she helps raise leaders, and why you should find what makes you want to get out of bed every day.
Sarah shares a lot of great insight so tune in to hear the full episode.

To follow Sarah: https://www.instagram.com/pearlperformanceinc/

Episode 46 -Worthy Finances with Timothy MacEachern

Want to think differently about your financials? Then tune into this episode with Timothy MacEachern.
Podcast highlights:
-There is a different solution for everyone.
-There are no cookie-cutter solutions to financials.
-Education is the easiest way to succeed.
Timothy loves helping clients who want to learn about their finances and help them take control.

To find out more: https://worthyfinancial.ca/

Episode 45 -I was meant to Invest with Melany Cullen

In this episode of  “Your Happy Place” Melany shares how she grew up wanting to invest in real estate.  
Please tune in to hear how she is creating an empire and community for female investors.
You also learn how a business coach helped her skyrocket.

To learn more about Melany: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melany-cullen-a2311470/

Episode 44 -Behind the Scenes of Home Inspections with Katheryn Downey

In this episode, Katheryn from Alderney Appraisals shares the ins and outs behind the scenes of home appraisals.

She also shares how her approach keeps her in demand—letting us see why a house can be worth one thing one day and a completely different price the next. 

Tune in for complete details.

Episode 43 -Flipping Land with Ray Zhang

You’ve heard of flipping houses but have you ever heard of flipping land?

In this week’s episode Ray Zhang lets us behind the scenes on what flipping land is and how he got started. He also shares tips on how you could get started and what to look for.

Episode 42 -Freedom Self Storage with Greg Ross and Mike Burgess

Greg and Mike and another business partner teamed up together to open their self-storage business in 2021.
They closed out the 2022 year owning 4 self-storage locations in Nova Scotia.
Tune in to hear how they got started and where they are headed in 2023. In the episode, they give a sneak peek at the cutting-edge technology they are using to streamline the consumer’s experience.


Episode 41 -Commercial Leasing with James Collins

This week we welcomed James Collins to the podcast. 
He shares negotiation tips for tenants who are leasing commercial space.
James shares how COVID pivoted the industry and how commercial leasing faired.

Episode 40 -Vacation Rentals with Noelle McGough – Monk & Nun Interiors

Vacation Rentals have really exploded over the last few years.
We thought it was about time we had a guest to shed some light on the ins and outs behind running a successful Airbnb business.

Noelle shares her and her husband’s story and what they are up to next.
Stay tuned to the end to see how to follow their journey.


Episode 39 -Exciting New Season ahead!

Welcome to season 4 of the “Your happy place” podcast!

This season is jam-packed with inspiring real estate stories, market updates, and behind the scenes of our new venture the Nova Scotia cookie company.

Be sure to follow our journey on our socials:


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Episode 38 -Conquering Cancer twice, taking on motorbike adventures and Real Estate investing with Marijke Nel!

Marijke Nel shares her journey of overcoming cancer twice and how that experience lead to new adventures she never imagined. One of her memorable adventures is taking up motorbiking and competing in the Corduroy Enduro Race. 

She also shares her real estate investing story which is pretty inspiring.

@liftcancerfighters on Instagram 

Episode 37 – Invest Real Fit with Victoria Cluney

Victoria is the co-leader of Real Estate InvestHer Ottawa meet-up. She works in the military by day and helps educate others on real estate investing by night.

In this episode, she shares how she got started, why she’s so passionate and where invest real fit came from.

We also learned what her investing goals are. She is amazing to watch if you want to find out more about Victoria or follow her journey check out the links below.



Episode 36 – Matt Rouse Discusses Digital Marketing and the Top Small Business Marketing Fails!

Matt Rouse joined us in this episode: We discuss digital marketing and the top small business marketing fails!

He shares wisdom with us from years in marketing on what helps small businesses succeed. He shares insightful information on Google Reviews. He also shares an important message on how to handle bad reviews (it’s a tip you don’t want to miss out on).

Episode 35 – The Importance Of Black History Month With Julien Matwawana

We welcomed Julien Matwawana a fellow real estate investor today, to share his powerful stories with us and help us understand the importance of educating ourselves to fully understand what others go through.

He is a new dad and an inspiration for us all.

Episode 34 – Behind Doorpreneur with Tony LeBlanc

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my Mentor over the years, Tony LeBlanc.

He’s the owner of Doorprenuer, beyond the rent roll and Ground Floor. Which offers tools and training for Property Managers.

He shares his journey on training and his view of staying fit.

Tune in to hear all his great insights for any aspiring property investors and managers.

For more on Tony: https://www.doorpreneur.com/,

Episode 33 – Getting the first Investment property with Erika Campbell

This week we welcomed Erika Campbell as our guest.

We talked about her journey of becoming a first-time investor right before the housing market shot up, and how we met. She shares tips for those looking at getting their first property and a couple of things to avoid.

Her passion for what she does certainly shows and we are excited for things to come in 2022 for Erika.

To follow her journey on her Instagram to learn more

Episode 32 -Property Management with Kassandra Rose Wojcik

Kassandra lets us behind the scenes of her journey to becoming a thriving Female entrepreneur.

She deep dives to the beginning of her story and how she started in the automotive industry and moved into property management. Now she shares her story and struggles with others to help them avoid them.

We also learn what she’s up to next. To hear more about Kassandra: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kassrose/

Episode 31- Participating Whole Life Insurance with Scott Gannon

Scott explains what: participating whole life insurance is and the benefits of having it.

-Are you saving for the future?
-Do you have control over your money?
-Can you tap into your savings if you need to?

Scott explains this and how he thinks you should save for your future.

For more on Scott: https://scottgannon.com/

Episode 30- Wholesale Real Estate with Nick Perry

This week we talk with Nick Perry about wholesale real estate.

He tells us how he got started. What he found worked for him and where he plans to expand.

He also shares some great advice on getting a mentor and the importance of investing in education to help grow your business.

To find out more about Nick: https://www.instagram.com/nickperryrei/ or https://7figurecartel.mykajabi.com/

Episode 29- Never Stop Marketing for REI Deals with Henry Washington!

In this episode, I chatted with real estate investor Henry Washington in Arkansas, US.

Henry was a former guest on Bigger Pockets podcast!
Where he shared great tips for those who are thinking about starting to invest in real estate.

Henry suggests that part of his secret to success is to never stop marketing for real estate deals!

He also shared an impressive method that has got him great results.
You learn how and why he chooses the postcard method.

The passion behind what he does is also quite inspiring, to learn more about Henry head on over to his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehenrywashington/

Episode 28- Real Estate Law with Mark Charles – Lawyer at Heritage House Law

This week we are talking with Mark Charles about Real Estate law.

Everything you need to know when dealing with investing in Real estate in Nova Scotia.

Incorporating multi-units, Title insurance, Tenants, Landlording and NS Residential Tenancies.

For more about Mark: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-charles-4a29a920/

Episode 27- Real Estate Investing with Joe Coria

This was guest Joe’s first time being interviewed for a podcast, but you couldn’t tell.

He shared his real estate investing journey with us. The ups, downs, and interesting surprises along the way. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind interview.

Episode 26- Resilience, Peace and Chocolate with Tareq Hadhad

Tune in to hear Tareq’s inspiring story. He lets us behind the scenes about the day, his father’s chocolate factory was bombed in Damascus, Syria. How that changed everything and forced them to flee the country and eventually the found refuge and rebuild their lives in Antigonish, Nova Scotia Canada.

He shares how they rebuilt a stronger purpose in Nova Scotia and how he is building a legacy. He is a part of Invest Nova Scotia, to help others do the same.

We learned how unique his family home was in Syria, how it shaped who he is today.

This is truly an inspiring episode.

To learn more about Tareq: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tareqhadhad/?originalSubdomain=ca

Episode 24- Overcoming Financial Struggles with Mary Ann Marriott

This week we chatted with Mary Ann Marriott Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

She lets us behind the scenes of bankruptcy, starting your financial struggle, and how most head down to recovery.

She shares how we live in a society where it’s easy to live beyond your means, and how one financial hardship could send you into financial trouble.

Tune in to hear how she can help you get back on track and stay financially stable.

To learn more about Mary Ann: https://wecanhelp.ca/team/mary-ann-marriott/

Episode 23- Real Estate Investing with Tyler Sellars

This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Tyler Sellars about his real estate investing journey.

He shared:
Who mentors him
How he got started
Paying it forward
What his plans are

Plus we discussed travel and the importance of helping others.

Episode 22- Real Estate and Property Management update with Jenna Ross

Welcome back to season two of the Your Happy Place podcast.

The pandemic has definitely thrown us a few curveballs. One is a really hot Real Estate market.

In this episode, I give you a real estate update for Halifax Nova Scotia, and things that have changed in property management during this time.

Episode 21- RBC Wealth Management with Marcel Dupupet

Episode 20- Real Estate investing with Manjit Rukhra

Manjit shares his journey on how he started investing without using his own.
He’s started a group of like minded people to teach them his method of Joint ventures.
He’s even written a book about it.
We discuss how the Manitoba market slowed down once covid hit, but now is crazy busy.

Manjit inspires others onto the path to prosper.
For more information or to follow his journey:
Website: https://manjitrukhra.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manjit_rukhra/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=563025290

Episode 19- What are the right methods of Property Investing with Monika Jazyk

This week on the podcast we have the Founder of Real Property investments Monika Jazyk.

Monika tells us how she changed from the traditional RRSP investing to property investing and has been able to build a portfolio that gives her and her husband the freedom to stay home and raise their 4 children.

She gives insight on a few of her investing strategies like the buy, rent, hold method which is her number one choice.

They started the Investors group to help with networking and educating other real estate investors. Things have grown to include sponsors, and 15 chapters.

She shares how she has been able to work and learn how to grow while raising a family.
How covid hasn’t slowed things down just changed how they deliver things.
They are launching globally soon. Congratulations! HREI is so excited to be a part of this group.

Episode 18- From IT to Amazing Mortgage Broker with Leanne Myles

Leanne explains how she went from her humble beginnings in the IT world to dominating her role as a Mortgage broker.

She explains the proper method to having successful rent to own deal. How they can fall apart quick, and be unfair if done incorrectly.

Episode 17- From Finance to Flipping with HGTV’s Chris Naugle

In this episode we dig deep into Chris’s beginnings and how his Mom influenced the  driven, caring Man he is today.
How he was a Pro Snowboarder turned coach and educator.
Chris shares how he started in Finance, the crash in 2008 and how it pivoted his vision. He shares free training on his website to help others grow and feel confident in finances. He shares his courses and how to get access to his 2 book free of charge.
We dive into so much more and learn the surprising person he wants to work with. He and his wife are very inspirational and you can find out more at : https://www.chrisnaugle.com/

Episode 16- Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Wright

From small town Nova Scotia to big stages around the world, Jonathan Wright is no stranger to public speaking. He is also a local Real Estate investor.

In this episode he tells us how he began public speaking with J.T. Foxx around the world, and how he started with Real Estate investing. Did you know our little province could have world wide exposure? It does now.

Episode 15- Fighting Cancer during a Pandemic with Lisa Coates

Lisa tells us what it is like working with cancer during this pandemic. She inspires us with her courage, strength and drive.

We learn all the hats she has had over the years. We dig into what it is like to be a strong black entrepreneur, and the struggles she has faced. She is truly an inspiring Woman!

Episode 14 – Jenna goes Behind the scenes of Property Management

In this weeks episode, producer Melissa interviews Jenna on everything from Covid-19 to where things are heading with the Real Estate market.

We talk about what Property Management is and debunk a few myths. She explains a couple of trends that have happened in the market and  a couple she expects will happen. 

Episode 12 – Let’s talk private financing with Marty Crouse

How his firm specializes in finding the right solution  for each individual situation. We also discuss lending for property investors and tips they should know. Marty has helped both Myself and others I know on our property investment journeys.  >> Keep Reading

Episode 11 – Interview with Sunil Tulsiani

He is the founder of The “Largest Investment Club” in Canada

His goal is to make 100 Millionaire Real Estate Investors

He is known as the “The Wealthy Cop”

He lets us behind the scenes in this exciting interview. >> Keep Reading

Episode 10 – Real Estate Investor Mike Burgess

Meet Mike Burgess. His mission in real estate investing is to help a particular location by buying and renovating properties. He then rents them to families and individuals in need of affordable housing. His mission is to revive these areas, adding value to the community he lives in. He wants to ensure those in his community can afford a comfortable and safe home. 

We feel Mike’s mission is admirable, and are happy to bring awareness to his project.  >> Keep Reading

Episode 9 – Pilot Dimitri Neonakis and his Uplifting flights!

Today on the podcast we have a special interview with guest pilot Dimitri Neonakis.  Dimitri has been living a simple life until this past April when he made he made news headlines when he flew a heart shape flight path over the Portapique area affected by the mass shootings in Nova Scotia.  I have followed Dimitri’s remarkable sky art ever since and he also got my attention when he offered a little boy with Stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer a flight.  It’s Zach and you can find out more information about Zach through Facebook.  He has a Facebook page called Zach’s Virtual World Tour and also Dimitri would love for every one to know that they can find his Dream Wings through Facebook which is a free aviation program for children with disabilities. If anyone knows of someone who is disabled, a disabled child in the Atlantic Canadian provinces, Dimitri would love you to connect with him through the Facebook page to arrange a free flight. >> Keep Reading 

Episode 8 – Real Estate Investor Juleanna Freeman

Juleanna Freeman is a Real Estate Investor living in British Columbia with her husband Deryk. Juleana and Deryk have been investing in Nova Scotia real estate for many years and she shares their experiences in this interview. >> Keep Reading 

Episode 7 – Landlord by Design Mike Currie

Real Estate Investor, Author of “Landlord By Design”, Blogger and mentor.

He strives to bring you useful, reality based content to help you manage your properties.. Keep Reading

Episode 6 – Jordan Hipson on Vacation Rentals

This weeks interview is with Jordan Hipson, the talented Founder and CEO of Over Sea Real Estate management. We chat about vacation rentals, the current market and how he is coping through COVID-19. Tune in to see how it all started… Keep Reading

Episode 5 – Daniel St-Jean discusses “Rent to Owns”

Daniel is a wealth of information when it comes to “Rent to Owns” . In this episode we discuss rent to own, investing in Nova Scotia and a little about wine. >> Transcript coming soon! >> Keep Reading

Episode 4 – Scott Gannon from MGM Wealth

I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Gannon the Co-founder of MGM Wealth. He explains his unique way of saving for now and the future. Have we been saving wrong? Tune in to find out. >> Keep Reading

Episode 3 – Tony LeBlanc from Doorpreneur

In this episode I interview Tony LeBlanc from Doorpreneur. We chat about Property Management, tools for the trade and get behind the scenes of Tony. He has been a mentor to me so it was nice to find out where it all began. >>

Episode 2 – Greg Ross and Amanda Gaetz from Royal LePage Atlantic

This interview is with Realtor team Greg Ross and Amanda Gaetz from Royal LePage. I dive in to see what it’s like to do real estate as a team and how they are different then other teams. We also see how things are during the current COVID-19 situation.

Episode 1 – Interview with Podcast Host Jenna Ross

Welcome to our Pilot episode!

Producer Melissa dives in and interviews me. So you can learn why I’m so passionate about what I do!

We describe my business and about the Halifax Real Estate Investors.

Thank you for Listening!!