Competing for a Home to Rent!

Springtime is an especially busy time of year to rent a home! This particular year it seems that our mild temperatures have brought people out planning their moves even sooner than last year. Many people relocate for work in the spring/early summer and people generally feel like moving in the spring rather than the winter. The […]

Preparing to search for a new place to Rent!

1). Get organized. Have your landlord information, past rental information (if applicable). 2).  Know your budget. That is a good bench mark to help you budget what you can afford is that rent should not exceed more than 1/3 of your monthly income (if utilities are not included). If you are currently renting you likely have a […]

How a Property Manager Can Help!

1.) We can connect you with your ideal tenant: We are well networked and have access to lots of tenants who contact us looking for a specific property. 2.) Advertising your Home Advertising your home is really important! Great photos & a well written ad are key. Blast it out there: We use our website, […]

Why Halifax is a Great Place to Invest in Real Estate

Housing Prices Housing Prices are lower than other large Canadian Centres across Canada Vacancy Rates Vacancy rates are reasonably low compared to other cities. Single Family Rental homes are particularly in high demand. Industry – High Tech jobs Startups Industry – Construction is busy in Halifax downtown, Dartmouth Crossing and in suburban areas. Navy Irving […]