How a Property Manager Can Help!

1.) We can connect you with your ideal tenant:

We are well networked and have access to lots of tenants who contact us looking for a specific property.

2.) Advertising your Home

Advertising your home is really important!
Great photos & a well written ad are key.
Blast it out there: We use our website, Kijiji, Facebook pages & groups, LinkedIn, Twitter and other ad sites as applicable.

Did you know that tenants feel more confident in choosing a home that is professionally managed?

3.) We show your home to prospective tenant:

We take care in showing your home like a Realtor would.
Little things like turning on lights, tidying up before a viewing to ensure that the home shows well.
Happy Place Property Management will show your home as many times as needed until we get your ideal tenant.
(No need to be bothered with setting up appointments on YOUR evenings and weekends).

4.) We take care of the all the paperwork:

Rental Application, Lease, Move-in Inspection, receipts

5.) Point of Contact with Tenants:

We are the point of contact with tenants and build a relationship with them.
We provide them with great service.

Should an emergency situation, we are here to take care of things.
You will be keep up to date but have “peace of mind” that your home is being taken care of.

6.) We are knowledgeable on the rental market & tenancy rules:

We keep up on the trends and can provide valuable information on what a home would rent for in your area.
We are up to date on the Nova Scotia tenancy rules, so that you and your tenant are protected.

7.) We make sure you get your rent money:

This is a big one! We make sure you get paid.

8.) Maintenance and taking care of your home:

We have multiple reputable maintenance contacts for everything your home may need.
We can save you money on repair costs because of the volume & relationships we have set up.
We make sure that everything gets repaired in a timely manner with the least possible disruption to the tenants.

Should you call us?
If you are self-managing your own rental home and love it, keep doing it!
Follow my blog for some helpful tips.

However, if you have gotten to the point of frustration and want to keep having rental properties with less stress, give us a call at 902 495-6684 or send an email to