Competing for a Home to Rent!

Springtime is an especially busy time of year to rent a home!

This particular year it seems that our mild temperatures have brought people out planning their moves even sooner than last year.

Many people relocate for work in the spring/early summer and people generally feel like moving in the spring rather than the winter.

The sun shining outdoors puts people in a better mood to envision a fresh start, etc.
Honestly, on a sunny day, I notice a huge increase in inquiries.

Here are some tips to help you compete with others who might also be looking for a home to rent:

1). Be Quick to respond to new homes that meet your criteria.  If you are looking for a 3 bedroom single family pet friendly home & you know that they are in high demand, you will improve your chances by keeping an eye on new postings and replying promptly.
Ask friends and family to also help keep a look out for homes as well.

2). Be Professional in your communication.
Applying for a home for rent is a lot like applying for a job.  You really want to put your best foot forward.
Good manners are a great way to make a good first impression.

If you are communicating via Facebook, keeping your profile clean is recommended.

If you are sending a message to a property posting, try to keep the correspondence professional.
A response back that is a little more thought out than “Is this still available?” would stand out among others.

Also, make sure that if you need to type in your email address that you check that it is spelled properly, so that a response back to you doesn’t bounce back.

3). Scheduling a Viewing for a property you are very interested in.
Try to accommodate the times offered to view it.  Properties in high demand may be gone before you get to see them, if you can’t make it to view them on a timely basis.

4). Shine at your viewing.
Arrive on time.  Call or text or email if you are running late.  It happens.
Be organized.  Consider bringing a generic rental application filled in, so that you will have access to the information for a rental application quickly if you are want to apply to rent.

If you have applied, good luck!

5). Not the property for you?

Ask the property manager or leasing agent if they might know of something that might suit your needs better.

Hope these tips help you on your way to finding a new home!