You are listening to Your Happy Place podcast. Each week we will be bringing you interviews with real estate experts and investors. The show features interviews and discussions with real estate investing and property management and inspiration your host Jenna Ross.

Episode 1 – Interview with Podcast Host Jenna Ross

Welcome to our Pilot episode!

Producer Melissa dives in and interviews me. So you can learn why I’m so passionate about what I do!
We describe my business and about the Halifax Real Estate Investors.
Thank you for Listening!!

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Episode 2 – Greg Ross and Amanda Gaetz from Royal LePage Atlantic

This interview is with Realtor team Greg Ross and Amanda Gaetz from Royal LePage. I dive in to see what it’s like to do real estate as a team and how they are different then other teams. We also see how things are during the current COVID-19 situation. >> Keep Reading



Episode 3 – Tony LeBlanc from Doorpreneur

In this episode I interview Tony LeBlanc from Doorpreneur. We chat about Property Management, tools for the trade and get behind the scenes of Tony. He has been a mentor to me so it was nice to find out where it all began. >>Keep Reading



Episode 4 – Scott Gannon from MGM Wealth

I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Gannon the Co-founder of MGM Wealth. He explains his unique way of saving for now and the future. Have we been saving wrong? Tune in to find out. >> Keep Reading


Episode 5 – Daniel St-Jean discusses “Rent to Owns”

Daniel is a wealth of information when it comes to “Rent to Owns” . In this episode we discuss rent to own, investing in Nova Scotia and a little about wine. >> Transcript coming soon!



Episode 6 – Jordan Hipson on Vacation Rentals

This weeks interview is with Jordan Hipson, the talented Founder and CEO of Over Sea Real Estate management. We chat about vacation rentals, the current market and how he is coping through COVID-19. Tune in to see how it all started… Keep Reading


Episode 7 – Landlord by Design Mike Currie

Real Estate Investor, Author of “Landlord By Design”, Blogger and mentor.
He strives to bring you useful, reality based content to help you manage your properties.. Keep Reading


Episode 8 – Real Estate Investor Juleanna Freeman

Juleanna Freeman is a Real Estate Investor living in British Columbia with her husband Deryk. Juleana and Deryk have been investing in Nova Scotia real estate for many years and she shares their experiences in this interview. 

Episode 9 – Pilot Dimitri Neonakis and his Uplifting flights!

Today on the podcast we have a special interview with guest pilot Dimitri Neonakis.  Dimitri has been living a simple life until this past April when he made he made news headlines when he flew a heart shape flight path over the Portapique area affected by the mass shootings in Nova Scotia.  I have followed Dimitri’s remarkable sky art ever since and he also got my attention when he offered a little boy with Stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer a flight.  It’s Zach and you can find out more information about Zach through Facebook.  He has a Facebook page called Zach’s Virtual World Tour and also Dimitri would love for every one to know that they can find his Dream Wings through Facebook which is a free aviation program for children with disabilities. If anyone knows of someone who is disabled, a disabled child in the Atlantic Canadian provinces, Dimitri would love you to connect with him through the Facebook page to arrange a free flight.

Episode 10 – Real Estate Investor Mike Burgess

Meet Mike Burgess. His mission in real estate investing is to help a particular location by buying and renovating properties. He then rents them to families and individuals in need of affordable housing. His mission is to revive these areas, adding value to the community he lives in. He wants to ensure those in his community can afford a comfortable and safe home. 

We feel Mike’s mission is admirable, and are happy to bring awareness to his project.